Monday, November 15, 2010

SO Much Support From Warner Pacific College

The mastermind/planning committee leader of Feast for Southeast happens to be a full-time college student.  That is, he is an adult student (he also works full-time and is a full-time husband and father).  He just happens to attend Warner Pacific College, which also employs his wife.

A few weeks ago, Rob's Academic Advisor, Christine Tokonitz heard about what he was working with to put together for Thanksgiving.  Before we could blink, we received a call from the school's Director of Communications, who was interested in getting more information about Feast for Southeast.  Almost instantly, Warner Pacific's Director of Marketing got involved and the school started laying on layer upon layer of support.  From volunteer recruitment (Warner Pacific's President, Dr. Andrea Cook is volunteering with us!), to event promotion, strategic ideas about things we could do for next year, and even a generous monetary donation.  (We are even working to see if we can use the school's kitchen for storage - cross your fingers).

Thank you Warner Pacific College!

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