Monday, November 8, 2010

SE Portland Neighborhood Associations Support the Feast

What started as one person's dream has really snowballed into a collaboration of so many.  Before this initiative, my experience with neighborhood associations was very limited.  What I have learned over the last few weeks of working with Southeast's most involved citizens has made me think of these groups in new ways.  Neighborhood associations are the most grassroots, organic forces in making or breaking a community.  Whether things get done or not in a neighborhood is often largely decided in these warm, inviting monthly meetings where folks who care about where they live and who they live near decide what's worth supporting and what is not.

With all that said, the support from the neighborhood associations Feast for Southeast has been working with has been absolutely overwhelming.  Not only have these groups helped to spread the word through the Web, through announcements at meetings and distribution of flyers, but they have also come through as financial/gift sponsors as well.  The first one to do this was the Mt. Scott/Arleta Neighborhood Association.  Just this week, the Woodstock Neighborhood Association and the Brentwood/Darlington Association joined us with this humbling and encouraging support.

Aside from endorsement, financial backing and promotion, these association have provided an unexpected but much needed source of volunteers.  Neighbors from all walks of life are excited about getting involved.  And we can't wait to serve alongside you and get to know you!

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